Reusable face shields

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Visor for protection against droplets and splashes of liquids.

Store the products in carton until use. When stored in the packaging, the product holds 36
The product should not be stored in direct sunlight or in high heat.
Intended use
The product is intended to protect against drip contamination.

Daily use
Visor cleaning is best done with microfibre cloth, water and soap. Soap with abrasive will scratch the visor. Avoid prolonged cleaning with alcohol-based products. It may affect the transparency of the visor.

Sharp products such as knives, razor blades, etc. can scratch the visor and then affect the visibility.

Follow the attached mounting instructions when mounting the visor. When protective plastic is removed, the visor should be mounted directly on the holder to avoid scratches / damage to the surface.
Avoid hard bumps and blows to the visor.
The visor is intended to be used at room temperature.
The product can be used several times.

Restrictions on use
The visor does not protect against steam that may enter under the visor. The visor does not purify inhaled air.
Repeated use of disinfectants can give the visor a matte finish
The visor is not intended to be used as a shock / impact protection.
The product is not intended to be sterilized.

The product can be used repeatedly until the visor has a matte or scratched surface. Then shall
the product is discarded. The product should not be stored in direct sunlight or in high heat.
Under normal use, the product can be used for just over a year.

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MEC Medicals


MEC Medicals

MEC CompanyMEC Medicals
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MaterialPP nature, Green MB (food grade material), PET
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Country of OriginDenmark
Product height250 mm
Product width164 mm
Product weight75 g
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Carton Length38 cm
Carton Width58 cm
Carton Gross Weight6,5 kg
(EU) 2016/425 annex V
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